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The purpose of this site is to archive the learning from the weekly Twitter #CTchat and to leverage professional practice into real change.

About the What


We're calling it Critical Thinking Chat, or #CTchat.


Think of it as inquiry into deeper thinking. Be forewarned though, you'll likely leave with more questions than answers.


We're setting aside 1 hour a week to get together and focus on thinking. The how's and why's, the theoretical and the practical.


We all have questions. Lots of them.


No one of us has figured all of this out yet. Believe me, if someone had, they would be under a global educational microscope.

This is an opportunity to deepen our thinking through conversation.


We hope to see you on Wednesday evenings on Twitter, using the hashtag #CTchat, from 7-8pm ET, 4-5 pm PT, 5-6 CMT


"Learning floats on a sea of talk" - James Britton


Also, be sure to follow Colin Harris, Tania Sterling, Greg Collins and Colin Jagoe on Twitter!


About the When


Every Wednesday we host a CTchat conversations at 7pm ET/ 5pm CST / 4pm PDT


About the Who


Add yourself here


About the How


A brief primer on Twitter

The Tao of Tweeting by Mashable


  • What is a hashtag? Check out this video to discover what a hashtag is and how to use a hashtag. Every Wednesday, at 7pm, you only need to add “#CTchat” to the end of your tweet to participate in the discussion!
  • How are topics chosen? Right now we'll let the wisdom of the crowd determine the flow of the conversation.
  • What if it becomes really popular? Well, if that happens we'll send out a Tweet on Monday of some topics to choose from for Wednesday's discussion. Just follow one of us or the #CTchat tag so you have an opportunity to vote on a topic. You may also propose topics to any of us by sending us a Tweet or DM!



Share Resources and Success Stories!


This page is a place for you to share blog posts, videos, links or anything else you may want to share about a particular #edchat discussion.  We all would love to hear how the ideas and conversations we have translate into reality. 

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